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Podcast 1 - Impartiality

In our inaugural podcast, we have HH Bailey defending impartiality with aplomb, arguing that party appointed surveyors must act impartially.

Our own Ben Mackie disagrees, arguing that the role of a surveyor is not quasi-judicial, and that a party appointed surveyor does not need to treat each party equally.

Podcast 2 - Jurisdiction

The extent of a surveyor’s jurisdiction with HH Edward Bailey and Dr Stephen Cornish (Part One).

Ben Mackie discusses the extent of a surveyor’s jurisdiction with Dr Stephen Cornish and HH Edward Bailey, answering the following questions:

What is a dispute?

To what extent can surveyors deal with damage caused by building work?

Podcast 3 - Jurisdiction

The extent of a surveyor’s jurisdiction with HH Edward Bailey and Dr Stephen Cornish (Part Two)

The discussion on jurisdiction continues with the following questions:

Under section 10(4) what steps should surveyors take to settle a deemed dispute?

Can surveyors legally award final or further inspections with payment upfront?

What can be done, if anything, to ensure surveyors act within their jurisdiction?

How we are pushing for change

  • We make the party wall act work for you.
  • We pressure the professional bodies to challenge poor behaviour. We have asked the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and the Pyramus & Thisbe Society to stop their members from sending unsolicited letters to adjoining owners.
  • We make positive suggestions to improve the party wall landscape. For example, we openly encourage surveyors to make their appointing owners aware of the ‘agreed surveyor route’.
  • We lead by example, showing everyone that it is possible to have a successful business that acts ethically.
  • We produce the best content in the industry, with the biggest names.
  • We unashamedly put you first. We learn from you and continuously implement improvements.
  • We shine a light on poor practice, despite the difficulties, threats, and resistance we face. We expose the scams and bring poor practice to the attention of the wider public.

Party Wall Acts

10 tips to get consent

10 tips to get consent to a party wall notice, saving you thousands of pounds in surveyor’s fees. If you need to serve a notice, check this video out.

The impartiality myth

Party-appointed surveyors do NOT need to act impartially. They do not need to treat both parties equally. Instead, they owe a duty of care to their respective appointing owners. Why is this so controversial?

The ‘Agreed’ Surveyor scam

Lots of people seem to be unaware of the opportunity to have a shared surveyor, which reduces costs. The best outcome for party wall surveyors is to have two surveyors work on an award. Fees all round.

Why ambulance chasing is disgraceful!

When you put in for planning, some surveyors write to your neighbours hoping for a dispute and to grab some of your cash. This must stop.

How we add value to the party wall process

We explain how we can save you money and put you first if you choose to have us assist you with your party wall needs. We lose money every day putting our clients first.

Ways in which surveyors screw you over.

We reveal just some of the ways in which surveyors can screw you over. Some of the practices, including not making people aware of the ‘agreed’ surveyor route are widespread.

My neighbour had to pay my surveyor’s fees!

The case of Amir-Siddique vs Kowaliw is one of our favourites. An adjoining owner dissented to a notice, and Judge Bailey felt that this conduct was unreasonable and ordered the adjoining owner to settle the building owner’s surveyor’s fees.

What is the point of appointing on behalf of my neighbour who didn’t respond to a notice?

What is the point of section 10(4) appointments? They cost the building owner money, so we look at the frustrations associated with this.

Is it fair for surveyors to charge for final inspections upfront?

Surveyors can be quick to charge. We say: Stop! Are these inspections proportionate, legal, appropriate, and necessary?

How surveyors should act on behalf of Housing Associations and Councils

Acting on behalf of Housing Associations or the Council should NOT be a licence to print money. The tenants should not be overlooked.